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Afro Futurisme Afrofuturism

What is foundation Black Wall Street NL

Black Wall Street is an artistic organization in the Zaanstreek / Zaandam / Zaanstad / Netherlands where culture, art, knowledge and entertainment from Africa and the African diaspora are central. A creative place inspired by Afrofuturism with a fresh look at the future. We connect entrepreneurs, artists and lovers of art and culture through workshops, panel talks, exhibitions, talent development and other activities. A meeting place where development and stimulation of creativity are central and where (hidden) stories from Africa and the African diaspora are highlighted and heard. View our upcoming events and activities and feel welcome to stop by!

-Black Wall Street NL-

Afro Futurisme Afrofuturism

Are you looking for a suitable space to bring your creative ideas to life? Or are you curious about possibilities for collaboration with Black Wall Street?
Contact us.

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Black Wall Street NL

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